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Recording - Keeping News Gardeners Involved in Gardening
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This year has been full of surprises, including a surge of new gardeners in the wake of COVID-19. In this session, a panel of industry experts will present ways their organizations are addressing this influx of consumers and discuss strategies GardenComm members can adopt to keep new gardeners involved in gardening. Using data from the National Garden Bureau survey, the presenters will break down WHY people are turning to gardening. Information on new customer demographics will provide insight into WHERE we can engage new gardeners. Case studies from inside and outside the green industry offer lessons on HOW to communicate to new audiences and help them find success. The panel with finish with a Q&A session to address audience questions and continue the discussion.

diane_headshot_for_web.jpgDiane Blazek, National Garden Bureau

Mike_headshot_for_web.jpgMike Lizotte, American Meadows

ryan_headshot_for_web.jpgRyan McEnaney, Bailey Nurseries

chris_headshot_for_web.jpgChris Sabbarese, Corona Tools 

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