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GWA Webinar Series Recording: "Maximizing Your Freelancing Potential" with Katie Elzer-Peters
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Maximizing Your Freelancing Potential
Recorded Thursday, January 4

Are you working in your business or on your business? If you're only spending your time writing articles and recording podcasts, editing photos and creating books, you're probably missing out on opportunities to grow your income without sacrificing your life. It's just as important to work "on" your business as it is to work in your business. Katie Elzer-Peters, owner of The Garden of Words and will present ways to streamline your freelance communicating business, get more work, and enjoy quality time off. 

Topics to be covered:

  • Focus: You can't be everything to everyone. How to identify what you're best at, what you most enjoy, and how you can make the biggest difference to your clients. 
  • How to tailor your message to your intended audience: Do you want to be a brand representative? Or would you rather work behind the scenes to create content? Learn what you need to pitch yourself for a variety of types of work.
  • Business management: Are you knowledgeable about creating great content related to your subject matter but not so great at handling the business side? Learn about resources, tools, and techniques to achieve that elusive work/life balance, streamline tasks, and keep yourself organized. 
  • New Avenues: You have to market your skills and services. The same work you've been doing is disappearing. What opportunities are available that you haven't considered? How do you handle self promotion? And let's talk about email list building. 

ALL webinar attendees will have the opportunity to download a worksheet to follow along and take notes for maximum knowledge absorption. After the webinar, follow-up materials and strategy docs will be available exclusively to attendees. 

About Katie Elzer-Peters

Katie Elzer-Peters is a freelance writer and editor, author of eight books for Cool Springs Press, and the Editor in Chief of The Designer. She writes web, brochure, and promotional copy for horticultural industry businesses. Katie and her team at The Garden of Words, LLC also design and package books for authors self-publishing in digital and print formats. Katie works with the Global Book Development office of Quarto Publishing and QUID Publishing in the UK and the Quarto Group in Minneapolis to prepare books for print, assist first-time authors, edit manuscripts, and ghostwrite. 


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